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The Purpose Behind The Brand

January 14, 2022 2 min read

Hi, I am Ariel Grace Pettigrew, the founder of Ariel Grace & Co.. About three years ago my marriage was falling apart, relationships with my children and friends were suffering and I couldn’t seem to find peace in my life. I didn’t want my life to continue down this route so I made a commitment to myself and God- a gratitude commitment. For an entire year I religiously journaled what I was grateful for at the end of every night & challenged myself to not speak negatively at all.

Here is what I learned, the only person we change is ourselves. My journal became my accountability partner. It allowed me to express my gratitude (no matter how silly it was, literally some nights I was grateful for just being able to lay my head on my pillow), celebrate my wins and search for the silver linings when my day didn’t go as planned. Journaling led to optimism, peace, happiness and an overall improved life. 

After I had completed my year of gratitude journaling I suffered two miscarriages. I was able to get through both of those because of the habits I had formed the previous year. The miscarriages brought heartache, but they also brought opportunity. Opportunity I wouldn't have seen if gratitude wasn’t on the forefront of my mind. Because of the miscarriages so many relationships to other women were made because they had suffered the same thing and for that I’ll be forever grateful for that. 

Why do I mention this? Heartache and pain is guaranteed and too often we let those life events define and take control of us. The purpose of Ariel Grace & Co is to take control of your life, regain your happiness and find the silver lining in even the toughest of situations. When you find gratitude your life will be transformed. I am here because I want to help other women on their gratitude journey. Ariel Grace & Co has the tools you will need to transform your life just like I did mine!